Talal Jabari - is an Arab-American filmmaker who is currently producing One Night in Tantura (post-production), a personal journey of discovery into the root of the Palestinian refugee issue and Tattoo Mike, the personal story of an 80s pop icon who struggled with his sexuality, drugs and diabetes, in the midst of the underground tattoo movement in New York City.


Talal is best known for producing and directing Full Signal (Big Sky 2010), which garnered 3 distribution deals after a successful festival run and being screened in Congress. The film continues to be used for advocacy around the world. Talal is also known for Enemies of the South, commissioned by Al-Jazeera Documentary Channel, and which spent over a year ranked in the station’s Top 30 documentaries. In addition, Talal also co-produced the Critic’s Choice-nominated Speed Sisters (Hot Docs 2015) and is the cinematographer of Naila and the Uprising (IDFA, 2017). A multi-linguist, Talal has worked extensively in the Middle East, Sub-saharan Africa, Eastern and Western Europe as well as North America. Talal currently lives in NY.